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Date: 25/12/16

A Christmas Playlist

I don't know if I've mentioned it already, but I bought myself an .mp3 player as an early present. These are the Christmas tracks I had on last night, lying in bed in the spirit of contemplation which comes over even a passionate atheist like me at this time of year. Some funny, some serious, some moving:

(This isn't the order they came up in, by the way; I had the tracks on 'shuffle'. I can tell you that the Lehrer was first and the Goodies last, though)

I then played the Greg Lake one again, not merely because it's my favourite of them all, but because it has a particular poignancy this year with the recent death of its performer and co-composer.

If you possibly can, have a good one. Or a good several if the chance arises.

* Not strictly speaking a Christmas song but - as I pointed out here - I'll always associate it with this time of year.