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Date: 30/12/16

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I really hadn't intended to post anything more before the year's end after the exertions of the now-infamous end-of-year piece, but as the Liberati have been diverting attention from their own failings by complaining about what they call 'fake news' (whilst, of course, perpetrating it themselves, like the risible notion that Clinton's campaign was derailed by Dem Godless Commie Russkies), I thought I'd sign off on The Year Of The Euphoric Lemming by leading you to one of my favourite tracks by one of my favourite bands.

I think that - even more so than when this came out on their Cammell Laird Social Club album in 2002 - we desperately need something like Half Man Half Biscuit's Operation Less Pricks (*) in 2017.

(If you want to follow the words, I suggest you click here for the lyrics first).

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It's slightly frustrating that - however good the above video is - there was a very good Flash animation for it that someone did not long after the album came out. Unfortunately, at the time I lacked both the foresight and technical nous to download it, and it now appears to have long since vanished from the Web.

* Yes, I know it should be Operation Fewer Pricks, but when your powers of observation of The Current Scene are as acute as Nigel Blackwell's, many things may be forgiven.