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Date: 28/04/18

A Flight Of Fancy

I am in receipt of very few accolades for doing all this, but I am flattered almost beyond response by the ever-estimable Philip Challinor, who has most generously penned the following ode (reproduced here by his kind permission) to the Great Winter Project™:

Escalated Ecstasy

Three years gone the blogosphere pulsed,
With shock the whole world was convulsed,
At the horrible sight
Of that innocent flight,
Neglected, abused and emulsed!

Their surface most frightfully banded,
He rose to the labour demanded:
He came, saw and swore,
Got down on the floor
And scratched, scraped, abraded and sanded!

The task was a terrible tussle
With troubles inside all a-rustle:
The victory day
Subject to delay
From tonsils and cardiac muscle!

Good people, lay down your affairs!
Forget all your everyday cares!
Chuck ribbons and papers,
Make noise with your scrapers:
Judge Stapley has finished the stairs!

(© Philip Challinor)