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Date: 19/08/18

Five Thousand To One (Thousand)

A couple of significant internet milestones this past week.

Last Wednesday, the ever-estimable Philip Challinor posted the five-thousandth entry on his blog. Considering that it's scarcely more than five years since he reached the three-thousand mark (which I celebrated here), it's an indication of how much stuff, nonsense and sheer batshittery has needed dissecting and thrown in the acid bath of contemporary judgement that it has taken so little time to add another two millennia of curmudgeonry to the total. Go and read him.

The second landmark is that - following on from celebrating twenty years of providing us with the music we might never otherwise get to hear - Todd Clayton has today delivered the one-thousandth edition of Real Synthetic Audio. To celebrate, Todd has given us a show of one hundred minutes (no, not one thousand, that would be silly - and possibly lethal to all concerned) going back over the tracks that he's played since RSA first appeared in January 1998. It's quite an achievement whichever way you look at it. Or listen to it. Check it out if you like EBM and its associated offshoots, or even if you're just curious.

RSA logo for edition 1000, designed by Sean Waters