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Date: 06/12/18

A Taste Sensation?

Following on from this, I'm not one to boast but I think that I have achieved something previously considered impossible:

I have managed to make quinoa not only palatable but mildly interesting, so I thought I'd share the secret with My Readers.

Firstly you cook it as per spec, but with vegetable stock rather than just water. I daresay meat stock of some sort might do, but I shy away from that - particularly beef stock - because it always seems to me that you end up with a concentrated caricature of the flavour.

Secondly, once it has cooked, you remove it from the heat and then chuck three or four hefty dollops of brown sauce into it and stir it well; again, other sauces are available and may work just as well.

Dammitall, it works! Indeed, it works better than it might be considered to have a right to.

I'm not sure that it would be enough in and of itself to persuade me to buy more quinoa, but I present it as a useful backstop position for anyone who's stuck with a load of it.