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Date: 17/08/19

In Blood Was It Born; In Blood Shall It Perish?

I've remarked somewhere - possibly on this site, possibly in a comment I've made on some forum or another - that treating the march towards overt Fascism represented by President Dolt 45 as if it were some new phenomenon which only arose after the middle of 2016 rather than merely the making manifest of a long and sordid history of racism, genocidal tendencies and authoritarianism which is deep in the DNA of USAnian history makes the pearl-clutching of Congressional Democrats and their media fluffers and harlots like Rachel Maddow look like the hysterical vacua that they are.

I'm comforted to know that this view is also taken by real historians, as this fine (if, in places, in need of proof-reading) tour d'horizon by Paul Street demonstrates.