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Date: 25/10/19

Feel The Burn

I suppose I'd better put something up here, or else the site might skin over like school custard.

First off: happy birthday, Wellington!

There now follows a track which has been an intermittent earworm since I first heard it back in May on one of Todd Clayton's Real Synthetic Audio shows.

Essence Of Mind is an electronic rock band from Norway, active since the mid-00s. In 2014, they contributed to a double-CD album put together by their record company Alfa Matrix, called A Strange Play - An Alfa Matrix Tribute To The Cure, alongside bands such as Kant Kino, Alien Vampires and the splendidly-named Armageddon Dildos.

EoM chose to cover a track which might best be described as 'obs-Cure', appearing (officially at least) only on the soundtrack to the 1994 Brandon Lee movie The Crow. I've now heard The Cure's version, but wasn't struck by it; at least, not compared to this cover. There's something about the ambience of it which appeals, with some of it sounding - to these old ears at least - like the sort of sounds that bands like Chapterhouse, Slowdive and Catherine Wheel were making close on 30 (whut? Sheesh!) years ago.

Anyways (as Todd always says), enjoy!

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