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Date: 20/05/15

Round The Bend With My Old Man

I'd never heard this song until a couple of days ago.

Or, to be precise, I'd never heard the whole song. I'd heard the first line of it dozens of times.

It was my old man's fault. Every time we'd be on a bus or in a car together and the driver took a bend a bit fast, Dad (who could be a positive curse to an easily-embarrassed small boy) would sing "Ay-Round The Corner, Woo-Hoo!", but would mercifully stop short of a fuller rendition.

I never heard anything more of the ditty, and didn't even know who it was by until a comment on the entry for the single at 45cat finally pointed me to it.

It's one of those rather sprightly little numbers which were all the rage in the early 50s (a decade before I was born, and about fifteen years before Dad started making me blush with it), although the story is, ultimately, a sad one. But it's done here with great verve by the legendary Jo Stafford.

Let's go round the bend together, shall we? For my old man's sake.

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