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Date: 18/03/17

What Real Leadership Looks Like

I've just watched this, and knew - hot on the heels of Ms Sturgeon earlier this week digging an obvious stake-pit for Mrs May that that arrogant, hectoring Home-Counties schoolmarm duly fell straight into - that I was listening here to a real political leader:

Update: The video of Nicola Sturgeon's conference speech has now been deleted.

And the depressing question occured to me: why the hell don't we have leadership like this down in this increasingly-fake nation? Instead, we have as 'First Minister' a walking vacuum who would have trouble getting himself noticed in his own living room, and who - when he goes to take his orders from his bosses in London - might as well wear a lapel badge saying, "Hullo, I'm Carwyn. I'm only Welsh. Ignore me.".

Which is why, of course, we are going to be dragged down into the gutters of isolation and permanent subservience to the requirements of an ever more extreme right-wing England which wishes to become - even more than heretofore - a haven for crooks, thugs and chancers, with all that that will entail for any notion of public services to meet public needs; whilst Scotland moves forwards towards an independence which will enable them to create their future in the image of their own aspirations and values.

I'm not joking when I say that, were I twenty years younger and in far better health, I would move to Scotland tomorrow to be part of a nation which wanted to be free, rather than sit here in a land whose people have given up the desire for even the most limited dignity and self-determination.