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29/04/17 "Three Sonnets"
28/04/17 I Believe This Is Right
27/04/17 Franco & Le TPOK Jazz - "Azda"
15/04/17 Brand X - "April" (1979)
14/04/17 Down In The Basin, Up In The Clouds
19/03/17 Acute Angles
18/03/17 What Real Leadership Looks Like
02/03/17 Letting Love Fly Free
23/02/17 "Give De Fascis' Man A Gunshot"
20/01/17 "Of 'D' We Sing"
18/01/17 Free At Last! (Or, At Least, On 17 May)
17/01/17 Asking Round
09/01/17 The Strings Which Pull Us Back
06/01/17 In The Margins