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Date: 19/03/17

Acute Angles

It may have been G.K. Chesterton who pointed out that even the most mundane, quotidian things can look beguilingly, radically different when viewed from another perspective. This was clearly taken on board by overt humourists such as Alan Coren and Paul Jennings, and by authors of fiction like Terry Pratchett, who used the technique to cast a light on the fables and foibles of our civilisation from as far away as an alternative universe.

With that in mind, I'd like to recommend this piece by Rick at Flip Chat Fairy Tales. It shows that - shorn of the unconscious biases caused by the attachment of specific names to events - what is going on this benighted land is more reminiscent of the archetypal 'third-world dictatorship' than something which could have any hope at all of passing itself off as a mature 'democracy'.