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Date: 09/06/17

This Is The Day

(With a respectful nod to the shade of Dr. Samuel Johnson of Lichfield)

"Oft in danger, yet alive, I have come to fifty-five.
(One needs but little to arrive at the age of fifty-five,
Nor any subterfuge contrive to be becalmed at fifty-five).
Towards decriptude I dive, having flown to fifty-five
(I haven't even learned to drive, even though I'm fifty-five!).
I don't need lust or all that jive, now I've slumped to fifty-five,
Just rest my body to revive - dozing off at fifty-five.
I do not seek to strongly strive beyond the vale of fifty-five,
But, despite it all, I seem to thrive. Fancy that! I'm fifty-five."