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Date: 27/06/17

Come On - "Housewives Play Tennis" (1980)

One of the many great things about being involved in the very splendid and worthwhile 45cat and 45worlds websites is that you can come across great stuff that not only you haven't heard, but which you would almost certainly never have had the chance to hear at the time it came out.

This little number is a case in point.

Come On was a New York five-piece active at the end of the 1970s who issued a couple of singles (one of which they didn't even know had been released until someone was selling it on eBay about twenty years later).

What follows is the A-side of that very single. It's delightfully quirky, with elements of early Talking Heads, a touch of the B-52s and a slight hint of Devo.

"You can see their underthings!"

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