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Date: 07/07/17


With Wendy having ingeniously circumvented the technical difficulties she was having uploading her photos from the Kraftwerk gig last month, I can now provide a few of them for you to see.

First off, courtesy of a convenient staircase in Bridgewater Hall, here are me and Tez being robotic (the reference is to this LP cover):

Photo of two men posing as robots on a staircase

And here are three from the gig itself. Firstly, Autobahn:

Photo of Kraftwerk performing 'Autobahn'

Spacelab (and see the bottom of the page for the video of this magical moment):

Photo of Kraftwerk performing 'Spacelab'

And, finally, Tour De France Étapes:

Photo of Kraftwerk performing 'Tour De France Étapes'

Here's the Spacelab video:

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PS: If the guy who took a photo of me and Tez after the gig ever reads this, I'd be very keen to have a copy of it. I can be contacted from the e-mail link on the front page.