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Date: 07/10/17

Take It Lying Down!

I showed you a video by Sparks a little while ago.

Well, they've got a new album out. It's called Hippopotamus, and it's probably their best album in decades.

I've listened to all the tracks now (they're - officially - on YouTube) and, even encumbered by a (temporary, I hope) hearing problem which means my left ear isn't fully functional, I loved the album so much that I ordered it from Key Mail Order straight away.

Every track is good, the musical styles are as varied and idiosyncratic as ever, and the lyrics are amusing, erudite and clever in the best sense of that term. In many ways, it's a throwback to their mid-70s heyday.

Some of the tracks have official videos, and the one for Missionary Position - a track which is, I suppose, a follow-up to Amateur Hour from their classic Kimono My House LP of 1974 - is superb and funny. You can even enjoy the cheeky lyrics, if you're not distracted by the antics of the sculptures, of course:

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