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Date: 19/11/17

"There Is A Special Strength..."

I feel a bit awkward asking you to set aside a couple of hours to listen to someone, but I'm also convinced of the value of doing so in this case.

The annual lecture in memory of the great academic and author Raymond Williams was given the other night in the Red House in Merthyr Tudful. The invited speaker on this occasion was the actor Michael Sheen (who hails from quite-nearby P'Talbot), and in his lecture Sheen uses his experiences, his inspirations and his rhetorical skill and passion to declare firmly that, yes, this nation - traduced and trampled as it long has been - still has a future to embrace in which it may be true to itself.

The lecture borders on the spellbinding at times and - even if you can't sit through it all in one go - will, I believe, repay the commitment of your time. And yew don' even 'ave to be from round by yur to like it, mun!

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