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Date: 31/12/18

"Ev'rything In This 'Ole Worl' Work Off A Cycle" - A Million O' Dem

At the end of what may be the last year in which anything might just about make the remotest sense, it's worth bearing in mind that this raped and mutilated planet will continue to spin despite, and that there may still be good news yet to hear and fine things to be seen.

The year closes on a high note at the very splendid and worthwhile 45cat site, where Yer Judge has been a member for over eight years and a moderator for a touch over seven of them.

When I was in my invalid phase two-and-a-half years ago (and some years before that, when my clinical depression was at its own malign zenith), my modding duties helped keep me just on the right side of sanity (whatever that may entail), so I'm particularly proud that, shortly before noon on the last day of the year, we reached yet another milestone, with our one-millionth entry!

Here it is! And here it is again!

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As with the 500 000th entry in May 2014, it was posted by our leading reggae-an'-ting expert Charlie Chalk, but this is a moment for all fifty-six-thousand-odd members to celebrate (and to raise a glass to absent friends such as Pomegranate, who would be cheering us on to the next achievement).

As the song says, "Ev'ry (45)cat 'ave 'is four-o-clock!".